Alternative Fuel and Energy – It Is Time to Take Action, Not More Talking

by Hank Coleman

The United States depends on oil for 96% of all transportation fuel and 74% of the national power grid.  Only 7% of our energy supply comes from renewable sources.  Recently, California has been making great strides to reduce their green house emissions 25% by 2025 and another 80% by 2050.

Most politicians talk a good game about reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, but no one in the White House has taken any real action on the subject since the fuel crisis in the 1970’s. 

Alt. Energy

Other’s Usage

U.S.A. Usage

     Wind       Denmark 18.3%     0.8%
     Solar       Germany 0.6%     0.1%
     Geo-Thermal       Iceland 30%     0.3%
     Water       Norway 98%     6.0%
     Nuclear       France 78%     19.0%


There is enough wind in North Dakota and South Dakota alone to power the U.S. power grid.

We are a nation with abundant intellect and capital.  We put a man on the moon, invested the computer, internet, cars, and airplane.  If we really wanted an alternative energy solution to implement, we could do it.  We should do it, and it is time for action from our governmental leaders, not just words.

Source: Conde Nast Portfolio magazine and others

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