Everyone Should Have a Budget and This Great Excel Budget Template Will Help

by Hank Coleman

It is no secret that budgeting is one of America’s least favorite activities.  Most people loath budgets and have a horrible time staying on them.  The internet is full of use full tools and resources to help you complete a wide range of personal finance functions from investing to real estate to saving and all points in between.  Here at Own The Dollar, we just added a mortgage calculator that will give you amortization tables and deals about how much you can expect to pay to purchase a house. 

Bridging the Gaap, one of my favorite personal finance blogs, recently put a great budget template on their blog.  Like the resources you can download here on Own The Dollar, this budget shell is available in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Do not worry if you are not good with Excel, the budgeting tool is very simple and straight forward to use.  I really recommend it.  There are spaces in the spreadsheet to add all of your fixed and variable expenses, savings, investments, and other purchases that you make throughout the month.

Budget Template – An excellent budgeting tool in Excel from Bridging the Gaap

Other Excel Resources From – Own The Dollar

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BTGNow.net October 13, 2008 at 10:36 am

Budgeting is not popular for Canadians either!

Thanks so much for the great review! Own The Dollar Rocks!

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