How to Pick the Right Great Real Estate Agent and Websites to Help

by Hank Coleman

My wife and I are about to start looking for our very first house to buy. We received a recommendation from a friend on a real estate agent, and I found another one on the internet that has been very helpful over the past month. Both agents have been sending us MLS listings and pictures of homes in the area we want to buy for the past two months or so while I wrap up things at my current assignment.

Next month we will be ready to actually walk through houses and apply for a mortgage.  A part of me dreads picking on realtor over the other and signing a deal with them.  The both have been so helpful.  Does anyone have a suggestion about how to let the other one down easy?

Below is a listing of some great websites to help you narrow down your search for a good real estate agent. – You post a listing for a property you plan to sell and agents have five days to bid for your listing. – Read about agents in your local area and the experiences other property owners have had with them. – This website allows people to rate realtors. It gives you an average of how much they get for homes and the most common types of properties they sell. – Look up real estate agents all over the United States and either leave a review about them or research one you are looking at using. – Enter information about your property and allow the agents to bid for your listing by lowering their sales commission.

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