Seven Tips on Keeping Your Job and Boosting Your Job Performance

by Hank Coleman

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine had a few suggestions in an article this month on how to become a better employee at your job.  Their suggestions included:

1. Find out if you’re as good as you think — get a 360-degree evaluation.
2. Be as much a profit source as possible.
3. Be indispensable.
4. Do things to make your boss look good.
5. Hitch yourself to a star.
6. Become beloved.
7. Don’t be expensive.

I’ve talked before about becoming a subject matter expert in your chosen field or profession.  I think that you can become even better at your job by reading scholarly journals, trade publications, adding more education or maybe a special certification like Six Sigma to your resume, etc.

I am also a huge fan of a mentor type program.  You can really grow your career by watching the people around you and ahead of you on the corporate ladder.  Find a mentor and pepper him or her with questions.  It does not have to be a specified mentorship program for you to benefit from a relationship with your boss or even his boss.  Personally, I like to keep up with e-mail correspondence with my former bosses who have been promoted.  I will e-mail them once every six months to check in and occasionally ask them questions or for advice.  It has worked great for me, kept my name in their mind throughout my industry, and has helped build my reputation that precedes me.

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