Consumer Reports Looked at Holiday Tipping Suggestions for Service Industry

by Hank Coleman

Consumer Reports recently published an article on holiday tipping in hard times.  They offered several suggestions below for people who still want to give money and make donations this holiday season despite the worsening economy.  Here are Consumer Reports suggestions for controlling your costs while giving:

  1. Give money to people you think need it the most.
  2. Consider giving non-monetary items like soaps, a candle, or baked goods.
  3. If your budget is very tight, handwrite a note of thanks.

The Consumer Report article also listed the average gifts for various service providers as follows:

  • Cleaning person – $50
  • Child’s teacher – $20
  • Hairdresser – $20
  • Child-care provider – $38
  • Manicurist – $20
  • Newspaper carrier – $20
  • Barber – $15
  • Bldg. superintendent – $25
  • Pet-care provider – $25
  • Mail carrier – $20
  • Lawn-care crew – $25
  • School-bus driver – $15
  • Fitness instructor – $25
  • Sanitation worker – $20

Here is where I really have heartburn.  Do people really tip some of these service provider like a bus driver or teacher?  Do some of these service professionals really expect a tip for Christmas?  Isn’t tipping a teacher unethical?  Will the garbage man do a lesser job if he does not get a bonus this holiday season? 

Who do you tip more during the Christmas season?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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