Join Tip’d To Vote For The Best Personal Finance Stories on the Internet

by Hank Coleman

There is a wealth of knowledge out on the internet and the blogosphere.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Tip’d community these past few months during their beta launch.  Now the social media site solely for financial news and money tips and ideas is conducting a full launching today!  Check them out!

So, what is Tip’d?  Tip’d is an online community for readers to meet, share, discuss, comment, and vote on what’s happening on both Wall Street and Main Street.  Like a story that you read on your favorite blog such as Own The Dollar, then you can “Tip” it by submitting it or tipping it up or toppling in down in the rankings.  More readers are exposed to best personal finance and money stories circulating on the internet the more popular a story is based on the votes it gets.  If a posting gets enough votes, it can appear on the website’s homepage.  You can see the Tip’d voting button at the bottom of each posting here on Own The Dollar

Tip’d offers twelve categories of finance stories for you to find the perfect article that you are looking for or interested in.  You can surf for the best postings on the internet about stocks, real estate, personal finance, entrepreneurship, mutual funds & ETFs, the economy, commodities, business in general, currencies, green, private equity & venture capital, and technology.

So, I highly recommend that everyone check out Tip’d.  It is a great website!  The first step in joining the community is to register as a user. It is a simple and quick process.  After that, you may want to discuss stories by leaving comments, vote on your favorite stories, or even submit your favorite stories and blog postings.

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