The One Dollar Bill Challenge – A Sneaky Way to Save Money

by Hank Coleman

I hate pocket change.  I do not pay for anything with coins.  My wife and I only use dollar bills when we make purchases.  We keep any change that we do get and put it in a piggybank for our children.  It’s a great way to save when you think that you cannot spare another penny.  After a year of saving pocket change, we usually have saved over $500 which we then roll and deposit in a bank account for our kids. 

So, I figure that if this idea has worked so well with coins, would it work with dollar bills too?  So, for the next month, I am going to save every $1 bill that I come across.  I’m not going to spend a single one.  Every cash purchase I make, I will set aside the one dollar bills that I receive as change and save them.  I want to see if I feel the extra money that will be missing from my wallet when I save them.  I want to find out if this could be a good sneaky way to save even more money without even realizing.

So, stay tuned.  I will keep everyone up-to-date on my progress and keep a running tally of how much I have been able to save on the side bar of the blog.  Just look for the Mason Jar picture and the grand total.  I will also post an update on November 30th to recap how this experiment went and how “painful” it was.  Wish me luck!

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