A Look Back At the Blog’s Most Popular Postings of 2008

by Hank Coleman

Own The DollarI want to thank everyone who has supported Own The Dollar during 2008.  It has been great to write the blog for the past four months.  I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at some of the blog’s most popular posts throughout 2008, the blog’s first year.


September 26:  Make Your Child a Multi-Millionaire Tax Free with Roth IRA

November 4:  The One Dollar Bill Challenge – A Sneaky Way to Save Money

November 11:  We Should Just Let GM and Ford Go Bankrupt and Close

November 20:  Save Thousands By Negotiating Your Loan Rate With Your Mortgage Lender

December 12:  It Is Not a Credit Crisis If You Have a Down Payment and Good Credit Score

September 15:  How to Make Money Buying a Stock at its 52 Week High – A Short Squeeze

October 29:  Predicting the Bottom of a Stock Market Crash – Famous Predictions and Economic Indicators

October 20:  Unintended Consequences and Third Order Effects Influence Our Finances and the Economy

December 18:  The $7,500 Tax Credit For New Home Buyers Is Not Worth Your Time

October 23:  A Brief Look at Why the War in Iraq Is So Expensive

September 10:  P/E Ratio Demystified. Spot a Bargain with a Low P/E Ratio

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