A Look Back at the Posts for Own The Dollar for November 2008

by Hank Coleman

Here are some of the blog’s most popular articles for the past month.  Please feel free to pass these on to your friends and family.  The blog has been steadily increasing its readers and subscribers, and of with your help the blog could reach more.  I always welcome comments (dissenting opinions too!), suggestions, or any questions that you all might have.  Thanks…

Notable articles from the blog:

  1. The One Dollar Bill Challenge – A Sneaky Way to Save Money – For the past month I have been saving every $1 bill that has been given back to me as change at a store.  Check this post out to find out why!  And, keep watching for the results to my “One Dollar Bill Challenge”. 
  2. Continue Investing To Capture a 401-k Match Still Beats a Down Stock Market – A reader’s question brings up a great point.  You should always contribute to a 401-k to capture your employer’s matching contribution.  Not doing so is throwing away free money no matter how bad the stock market is.
  3. Save Thousands By Negotiating Your Loan Rate With Your Mortgage Lender – I saved thousands of dollars on my new home mortgage by not settling for the less than stellar rate the mortgage banker tried to give me.  Doing research and being persistent can save you a ton of money.
  4. Use a Credit Card to Pay for Everything, Every Single Purchase – My wife and I use our American Express charge card to pay for every singling purchase in order to get points, and then we use those reward points to buy Christmas gifts for our friends and family.
  5. We Should Just Let GM and Ford Go Bankrupt and Close – The American government has already given the big three automobile manufacturers a $25 billion loan earlier this year.  Congress should not bail out the auto industry with a bridge loan.  Capitalism and free markets should be allowed to work through the situation and the fittest should only be the ones who survive.
  6. Stock Buybacks Are a Sign of a Strong Company – Stocks That Will Rebound First – Stock repurchases are a sign of a strong company that has managed their cash reserves well.  These stocks will be the first ones to bounce back to their former levels when the economy recovers.
  7. Infamous Investment Scams and How to Protect Yourself From Them – Protect yourself from these investment scams with a few tips.
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