Give the Gift of Stock Certificates This Holiday Season With OneShare

by Hank Coleman

This holiday season may be the best time to take stock and give it as a gift to your loved ones, and buying one share of stock from OneShare is the perfect gift.  With share prices down, giving a share of stock is a thoughtful and smart investment and an excellent way to introduce children to stock ownership.  Kids can begin to learn about the value of stock certificates with a framed share of kid-friendly stock like Disney, DreamWorks, Mattel, or McDonald’s.

Own One Share of Apple Stock! also includes free illustrated book, “Stock Matters: An Introduction to Stocks and Ownership” with purchase to introduce people, young and old, to the joys of stock ownership.  You can also receive OneShare’s Start-Up Kit which contains a Quick Reference Guide, Owner’s Manual, and congratulations Card.  The company have recently been offering deals on framing, fees, and the stocks’ prices themselves.  There is also free FedEx shipping to get your gift to your loved ones by Christmas.

Why Buy Stocks?

There are a lot of reasons buy stocks now, but the main reasons are:

1. Stocks are at an all time low.  There are a lot of great companies that are on sale.  Many companies like McDonald’s, Tiffany’s, Harley Davidson, and others have been beaten up in today’s struggling economy.  Their stocks are down because the market is down, not because the company has done anything wrong.  They have been unfairly grouped with the market.

2. Stock ownership is the best way to earn financial independence.  I know that this year has been rough, but stocks historically return 8 to 10% annually.  And, you do not want to miss the rebound that will happen in 2009 or 2010.  Stock ownership is one of the best ways to build your nest egg for retirement.

3. Dividends.  I love buying stocks like McDonald’s, Tiffany’s, Harley Davidson, etc. that give its investors quarterly dividend payments.  These great companies will pay you with dividends to wait on their stock prices to rebound.

Why use OneShare? is a company you can trust.  OneShare sells framed shares of REAL stock for people to give as gifts.  Giving the gift of a stock certificate is a truly unique and innovative gift concept for any occasion and an excellent opportunity to share with children especially how owning stocks works and why investing in stocks can help you achieve your dreams. offers single framed shares of stock in America’s favorite companies OneShare sells the stocks of approximately 100 of America’s favorite and largest companies.  The company has a stock for everybody because of their extensive selection.  Some of their best selling stock certificates are: Disney, Dreamworks, Harley-Davidson, Wal-Mart, GM, Tiffany, Microsoft, & Coke.  OneShare has specialized in selling one share of stock to people since 1996. 

This holiday season enjoy these special deals…..

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