Help with Resumes and Job Searches Can Be Found at Your Local Church

by Hank Coleman

Last week, I was reading the bulletin newsletter that my church (and every church for that matter) hands you every Sunday as you walk in the door and saw and interesting announcement.  Not only does the bulletin tell you which songs you are going to sing that day, but the church also places announcements and information about other events happening throughout the week, prayer requests, etc.

10So, last week, I noticed a call for human resource professionals in the congregation to come forward during their off time away from work and help parishioners in the church who have recently lost their jobs.  What a great idea and resource that I had not thought of tapping earlier.  It is a great idea to use the resources that are around you like human resource managers at your local church.  You can also find these professionals in other groups you may belong to and not even realized that they were there.  Look for help from members of your local country club, community group (Lion’s Club), PTA group, Cub Scout parents, you name it!  Help can come in the strangest places sometimes that you would not ordinarily consider.  In today’s tough job climate, we cannot afford to be picky about the help we receive.

But, what if YOU are that HR representative?  What can you do to help the people around you in these groups?  How about reviewing and polishing resumes?  How about coaching individuals on their interviewing skills and techniques?  There is so much more that an HR manager in your community can do for you rather than solely help you with job placement.  Maybe you have a skill that can help someone that you know at your church or in another group.  Maybe you can help your neighbor down the street.  Heaven knows that a lot of people could sure use any kind of help.

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