Tip’d 2.0 Launches Today With Great New Features

by Hank Coleman

There is no denying that I love the social media website Tip’d that brings together the best finance and money stories from across the internet and blogosphere.  Unlike other social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, reddit, etc., which highlight all kinds of news stories and blog postings, Tip’d focuses solely on finance and money topics.  And, now Tip’d 2.0 has launched today with new features that readers should love and find very interesting.

Tip’d has over two thousand published stories and over six thousand users that help people find finance and money news that others find interesting.  Like what you see on your favorite personal finance blogs, like Own The Dollar?  Just vote or “Tip” the story with the Tip’d Button at the bottom of every page.  Then, you can check out Tip’d’s great website to find other stories and blog postings that you might like.  It is a wealth of relevant and helpful finance information available in one place.

Own The Dollar is a Tip’d partner and has been named one of the Top 100 Most Popular Financial Website on the site (# 49 but who’s counting!!).

New Features

SocialTickers.  One of my favorite features is the new SocialTickers, where you can enter a stock symbol and get all of the normal pricing data about the public company, mutual fund, or commodity.  But, what makes Tip’d different is that you can also find blog posts, tweets, del.icio.us bookmarks, Technorati mentions, external links, etc. about that stock right on the same screen shot.  It is a huge amount of information aggregated right at your fingertips.

Videos!  There are actually a lot of great personal finance and money videos floating out there on some great blogs, and now Tip’d gives us bloggers a place to show you great instructional finance videos.  The winner is you, the reader, who has them all at your fingertips now!  I personally love the videos that Jim at Bargaineering posts in addition to his normal awesome blog postings.  One of his most recent videos dissected the differences between APR, APY, and compounding interest.  Jim breaks his great, informative videos down so clearly that anyone can understand these great personal finance concepts.  Jim’s videos are just a small sample of the great money videos you can now see on Tip’d.

So, I hope that you will give Tip’d a try if you have not already.  And, please feel free to vote for your favorite blog postings here at Own The Dollar!  You will find the Tip’d Button at the bottom of every article.  All you have to do is click on it to show your support!  Thanks….

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