Great Blog Posts That I Read This Week

by Hank Coleman

Here are some great blog posts that have caught my eye, and I thought that you might like them as well.  Enjoy…

  • Bring Lunch or Buy Lunch? I Say a Little of Each BudgetsAreSexy.  An interesting take on this classic conundrum.  You can see my unique spin on this question on Monday.  Don’t miss it!
  • How Much Is Your Time WorthCash Money Life.  I love the story that Patrick tells in this blog post!  I’m a big fan of the tried and true classic finance application of cost, benefit analysis.  It applies to our everyday lives, and you can see it at work in this excellent post!
  • When To Adjust Asset AllocationOblivious Investor.  I am actually a big fan of redistributing my investment mix on my birthday.  I don’t really forget that day too often.
  • How Credit Card Companies Make MoneyWeakonomics.  Blaming credit cards for our spending problems is “like blaming oil for climate change. It isn’t its presence that causes the problems, it’s how you use it.”  I love that analogy!  Perfect!
  • Paying Too Much for Credit? 7 Ways to Avoid Credit Card CostsMy Life ROI.  Some great tips on managing your credit and credit cards.
  • 14 Things to Avoid Saying in an InterviewYour Money Relationship.  I always find it so interesting how crazy some people act in interviews.  These are some great insightful tips.
  • Some Thoughts on the Sunk Cost FallacyThe Simple Dollar.  I love the idea of sunk costs, but then again I am a finance major.  Many people do not understand it, and that’s a shame because it can make a big difference in our decision making.

This Week’s Blog Carnivals…

The 208th Carnival of Personal Finance: Lobster Roll Edition – Hosted at Money Under 30

Money Hacks Carnival 68- Stanley Cup Final Edition – Hosted at Financial Highway

Special Shout Out….

I also want to take this time to say a special thank you to Mrs. Micah who runs the blogs Finance for a Freelance Life and BlogCrafted!  Mrs. Micah was a huge help fixing some mistakes that yours truly managed to make with WordPress here at Own The Dollar.  Anyone needing blog help should definitely check out BlogCrafted and get her help!  Thanks again!

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