Are You Superstitious About Your Money, Investing, or Earning an Income?

by Hank Coleman

There are a lot of money superstitions floating out there around the world.  Are you superstitious about your money?

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If I see a penny on the street as I am walking by and it is on tails, I will not pick it up.  It is only good luck to pick up a penny if it is on heads with good old Abe Lincoln showing.  But, I will kick the penny really hard if it is on tails in hopes that it will roll over and land on heads for the next person.  Now, that’s call karma!

How many businesses have you been in where they predominately have their first dollar proudly displayed on the wall in a frame?  I have seen tons of those!  It seems like every small business has its first dollar it earned up on the wall, and good for them!  Scrooge McDuck kept his first dime under a glass display case in his vault.  It was lucky for him.  It was his power source of all his financial well being and wealth.  There were many episodes of the cartoon where a villain would try and steal the lucky symbol in an effort to get rich themselves.  Mr. Crabs of Spongebob Squarepants fame has a lucky dime as well.

Some other crazy money superstitions are ….

  • Eating collard greens on New Year’s means a good financial year for you.
  • If your right palm is itchy, it means money is coming your way.
  • Don’t enter into financial transactions or contracts on Friday the 13th.

What other money superstitions am I missing?

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editor June 7, 2009 at 2:26 pm

I liked this article, “Are You Supersitious About Your Money, Investing, or Earning an Income?”
I am not supersitious about money. I am not sure if this is supersitious or in my opinion a wrong perception or a misquote of a Scripture (see I Timothy 6:10).
Have you ever heard someone say that “money is evil”? My website is [url] [/url] . Thank you this article.

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