Looking For a Great Gift Idea – Consider Giving Stock In A Company

by Hank Coleman

OneShare.com is a great way to give the gift of stock to a person. Not only will your loved one or friend receive one share of common stock in a world renowned public company, but they will also have the stock certificate to hang on their wall as decoration as well.

This month, OneShare.com is giving $10 off when you buy a share of Wal-Mart stock. As of yesterday (July 7th, 2009), Wal-Mart was trading at $47.84 a share. That is almost 25% off the regular price of the stock just for trying OneShare.com. You have a built in profit! What more can you ask for?

Below is a list of the Top 10 stocks that people bought on OneShare recently:

Share of the Month - $10 Off1. Disney
2. General Motors
3. Harley-Davidson
4. Ford
5. DreamWorks Animation
6. Tiffany & Co.
7. Coca-Cola
8. Playboy
9. Microsoft
10. Apple Computer

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