Top Ten Top Earning and Highest Paid Dead Celebrities For 2008

by Hank Coleman

Being a dead celebrity is big business in America and around the world.  A lot of famous people continue to earn money based on licensing deals for the use of their images, songs, pictures, name, etc. even after they have been dead and gone for decades. 

Top 10 Highest Paid Dead Celebrities For 2008

  1. Elvis Presley – $52 million
  2. Charles M. Schulz – $33 million
  3. Heath Ledger – $20 million
  4. Albert Einstein – $18 million
  5. Aaron Spelling – $15 million
  6. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel) – $12 million
  7. John Lennon – $9 million
  8. Andy Warhol – $9 million
  9. Marilyn Monroe – $6.5 million
  10. Steve McQueen – $6 million

Despite being dead for 31 years, the Elvis Presley’s income continues to climb, from $49 million in 2007 to $52 million in 2008. New licensing ventures, including Thomas Kinkaid art, slot machines and Martin Guitars are expanding the brand, and the new Elvis Sirius Satellite Radio show is adding to the already extensive royalties.

Baby Einstein, a majority Disney-owned suite of learning tools for infants, keeps expanding, and keeps money rolling in for Albert Einstein’s heirs. The family also has licensing deals with Nestle’s Japanese coffee brand, Charge, and an upcoming sneaker campaign with basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Other Notable Celebrities….

Paul Newman – $5 million
James Dean – $5 million
Marvin Gaye – $3.5 million

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