Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

by Hank Coleman

  • The US Gov’t should stop backing & insuring money market funds, or we will all suffer from low rates of returns for a long time to come. #
  • I am constantly amazed by the # of people who stare at the menu at McDonald’s. It hasn’t changed in like 50 years! Hurry up & order! #
  • People and CNBC pundits are talking about the possibility of a 2nd stimulus plan!?!? Are you kidding me? We shouldn’t have even had the 1st. #
  • A friend of mine recently told me about another great website, Very funny! #
  • New feature now Lending Club lets you reinvest automatically. I’m making 14.58% return on my investments annually #
  • After you sell or trade in a car, do you ever wonder where it is now? If it is scrap or if it has a nice new owner who treats it well? #
  • You can still afford a family vacation this summer! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s great guest post on Own The Dollar by @KathrynVercillo #
  • I can’t believe that one of my favorite finance magazines, Conde Nast’s Portfolio went out of business. Darn recession! #
  • Banks should’ve followed GE’s model. GE takes over companies who they invest in and then under-perform. Banks should enter the landlord biz! #
  • It is the end of an era. The Sears Tower in Chicago changed its name today. The Willis Tower just doesn’t sound as cool. #
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