The Best of the FiLife Challenge – The Best Personal Finance Advice in Three Words on Twitter

by Hank Coleman

FiLife recently asked its readers to give some personal finance advice on Twitter using only three words.  Of course there were a lot of crazy answers, but there were also some really good ones too.  It’s hard to answer such an important question/topic in only three words.  It deserves so many more words than that of course, but it was a great challenge.

You should not be surprised to know that my advice for the website and its Twitter users was for you to “Own The Dollar”.  I thought that you might like to see what some others were saying on the website as well.  Here are some of my favorites…

@OwnTheDollar: Own the dollar
@50caliber: Don’t get married
@mistasquinty: Don’t Look Back
@RyanB34: Plan your Future
@SLCGoth: Save, Save, Save
@dunkerboy_55: Don’t Stop Believing
@Notbhavn: Stay outta debit
@hugodlr: cut back luxuries

FiLife is a personal finance community featuring the best personal finance content from The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and Barron’s. FiLife, which is short for Financial Life, offers its members the chance to find and review personal finance products, ask and answer money questions, and use tools and calculators to simplify financial decisions. FiLife is a network of financial and money experts and community members who are looking for answers and information, help, advice, and share opinions on family finance.  It is also a joint venture of Dow Jones and IAC.

The best thing I like about FiLife is what they call Stackers.  Stackers are really just awesome poll questions that the website’s readers pose to each other.  And, the graphics are awesome!  Check out one of the ones that I have created (if you are reading this in an RSS Reader, you may not get to see the poll…please check it out on the blog’s website

Filife – Family Finance

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