Top 10 Credit Cards Based on Recent Survey of Credit Card User Happiness

by Hank Coleman

J.D. Power and Associates 2008 surveyed credit card users about their happiness with their credit cards. They surveyed 8,000 users on five factors: interaction with the company, billing and payment processes, fees and rates, reward programs, and benefits and services.

Happiness Rankings by Issuer:

  1. American Express – 783
  2. Discover Card – 751
  3. National City – 721
  4. Chase – 719
  5. U.S. Bank – 716
  6. Washington Mutual – 712
  7. Citigroup – 710
  8. Wells Fargo – 709
  9. Bank of America – 692
  10. GE Money – 683

 Some Honorable Mentions…

11. Target Visa – 682
12. Capital One – 678
13. HSBC– 667

American Express ranks highest among all credit card companies and performs well across all of the five customer satisfaction factors. Amex’s customers are generally what the industry calls “transactors” – customers who pay off their bills in full every month and the company focuses on the rewards and benefits of its cardholder experience and it excels in meeting their expectations.

Discover Card, the second highest ranking company. Discover Card users, are primarily “revolvers” who carry a balance forward each month. For 65% of this type of purchaser, low interest rates and fees are the driving force behind their choice of card. Discover Card has found success by offering its cardholders simplicity, with easy reward redemption, a particularly low incidence of reported problems and no annual fees.

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Mr. Credit Cards September 6, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Is really Visa not included on that list or am I just seeing bad?

Hank September 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm

Mr. Credit Cards,

I totally understand what you are saying about Visa not being on the list when AmEx and Discover both are. It was because the list was for card issuers only, and Visa and Mastercard are just payment networks and not issuers themselves. The survey covered Visa branded cards from issuers like US Bank and Chase but not the company itself. Hope that answers your question. Thanks…

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