Save Hundreds of Dollars By Complaining After Poor Service

by Hank Coleman

car-service-center1I recently took my car to the service department of a pretty nice dealership close to where I live, and I received horrible service.  I could not believe it.  I usually receive nothing but excellent service from this family of car dealerships, but this time it was horrible.  I am not one too complain very much.  I can only think of one meal that I have actually sent back to the kitchen.  So, when I had a bad experience at the service station I did not complain very much right away.  I just took it like I normally do. 


But, this dealership made a mistake.  They sent me a survey via e-mail.  So, since I did not have to look someone in the face and tell them that their service was sub par, I could do it over the internet.  I love technology.  So, I blasted them on the online survey.  I told them everything that I was feeling and every way that I had been wronged.


In the end, I received a personal e-mail and phone call from the service department’s manager.  He offered to pay for half of my next service bill for some work that was not finished on my car.  My portion of the costs would be approximately $300 while the dealership ate $800 in additional parts and labor costs.  Over all it was a great day for me.  I guess my mom was right…the squeaky wheel does get the grease. 


I’m not advocating that you complain just for the sake of complaining and trying to receive a discount.  But, if you are legitimately wronged by poor service, you should definitely bring the problems up the problems you experienced to the manager or a supervisor.  The only error that I made was waiting to complain and stewing on the problems overnight.


Do you have a similar story?  How have businesses make amends to you after poor service?

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Kyle October 5, 2009 at 8:08 am

I have had a similar experience with Marriott hotels. I stayed at a Marriott once and was appalled by the service. I completed one of their surveys and let them know what was what. Two days later I had like 300 extra Marriott reward points and an apology. It definitely pays to complain.

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