The Benefits of Investing In Companies Funded By Private Equity

by Hank Coleman

Private equity is often the sign of a great company.  Venture capitalists, hedge funds, and private money do not just throw their massive amount of money around lightly.  Companies that have seen private equity investors have been a great idea as an investment because private equity firms are committed and invested for the long term. Many companies that have been backed by private equity loans have proven to be more efficient and have experienced a growth in their profits. These private equity firms often hire special management teams who help correct any deficiencies of the company and help make it grow in market share and profits.

private-equityFor those businesses that are unsure of what to do when starting up, expanding the business, buying out a portion of the parent company, turning around a company, or buying into another company can often turn to private equity firms for help with their capital financing. It is often a much better choice than receiving loans from banks because the company receiving the loan would have to pay back the principal plus the interest in its entirety whether or not the business fails or succeeds. When a private equity fund invests in a company, the amount of money returned depends on the profits and growth of the company itself. Many private equity and venture capital firms hope for an initial public offering (IPO) to help pay them back for their capital invested plus interest.

Private equity firms exercise a good amount of due diligence before taking on any investments to make sure they are sound. By employing a team of researchers, they can identify such risks that are otherwise not detectable are addressed in order to increase efficiency in the firm. Having prior knowledge regarding buying and selling investments gives them an edge that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

These private equity firms can also provide the management of the company they are investing in if needed. This could be advantageous for the private equity firm who would like their investment to behave in a certain way or transform into their way of thinking.  Since the investment is dependant primarily on the profits on the company, this could prove to be a win-win situations for both the investor and the company invested in as the profits would be higher thanks to the managers picked by the private equity and their hard work.

When private equity firms invest in a company before they go public, they have the advantage of not having to follow transparency standards that public companies must adhere to. They can completely concentrate on their task to reform the company without any unnecessary distractions from federal regulators.

While many private equity firms invest in companies long before they become public entities, there are still many public firms that have receive venture capital from private equity.  Private equity may be a great sign of a good potential investment.

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