You Can Say Thank You With More Than Just Money

by Hank Coleman

It is human nature to believe that the best way to award someone is through money. That does not always have to be the case. I had a friend whose uncle once writing her a check for taking care of his wife and children when they were staying at her house for a week during holidays. She took offence to that, but she realized later that it was his way of saying thank you.

Many people may take offense to the money only option when it comes to saying thank you. Giving money should not be the only way you can reward someone or show your gratitude. Not only does it take away the personal touch to a thank you, but it is slowly teaching younger generations to be materialistic and consider money the solution to everything.

Make A Gift. When thanking a friend or a loved one for something they did or even a present they have given, consider trying to turn to your creative side. You can make the cards yourself as well as gifts. You would be surprised at how much a gift that you have made yourself could make a person feel really good. Knowing that you have put in a lot of time and effort to make the gift makes it a very special one. Anyone can walk into a store and buy what’s on display. Only when you care for the person do you make the extra effort in making the gifts. This way your thanks will be appreciated fully.

A Kind Word.  When you’re dining out, it is usual for people to leave the tip for the waiters.  I used to be a stingy tipper until I met my wife.  Now, I go out of my wife to recognize great service.  I have even stopped the manager during his or her rounds around the restaurant in order to praise an incredible waiter.  A kind word can go a long way to say thank you in addition to a monetary gift.

A Unique Idea.  You should take into consideration the amount of time and effort that they put into making your experience and the other people who visit the same place to eat, much better. Leaving the tip isn’t a bad thing at all, that’s what they wait for the most, but making sure that you let them know that they’re work is being appreciated is a very good idea. A friend’s father had a very interesting habit that he would use at restaurants. He would sit and talk to the waiters for a while after his meal before leaving. My friend’s dad would talk to them and ask about their personal preferences and different things they liked.  The next day, the waiters would find gifts sent to them by him according to what they said they liked.

There are ways to say thank you rather than to just pay money out of your pocket. A thank you is more than just a formality, adding your own personal touch to it to will make it more special. Whether it is something the person liked or something you made from your hands, you should make sure it is special for the person to show your appreciation.

How do you show your thanks without reaching for your wallet?

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