Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-07

by Hank Coleman

  • MetLife survey – 20% of investors say they are now more disciplined and conservative as a result of the recession. #
  • Recession has led 50% of Americans to lose faith in traditional retirement safety nets like defined benefit pensions, SS, and Medicare. #
  • I absolutely love using @Dropbox If you have multiple computers, you should definitely check it out. Awesome! #
  • Check out the 6 great new stats I've added! "The Top Fifteen Personal Finance Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind" #
  • "Roth IRA vs. 401k Retirement Plan – Which Is Better?" Understanding them can make all the difference. #
  • According to new MetLife survey, the recession has caused 54% of Americans to lose faith in financial institutions in general! #
  • Tax Tips For End of Year – Take losses & gains, convert to Roth IRA, & see other tips at #
  • RT @Creditloan: There are over 60 communities throughout the United States that have their own form of local currency. #
  • The top 400 charities in th US expect declines in donations this holiday season of 9%. #
  • 68% of investors place a greater importance on protecting their portfolios against market losses instead of maximizing gains. #
  • Tax Tips For End of Year – Medical expenses, retirement accounts, & see other tips at #
  • According to a recent MetLife survey, only 35% of investors have made regular 401(k) contributions and 13% increasing contributions. #
  • RT @LendingClub Twitter Contest: 2 Weeks of Blissful Giveaways! Follow @LendingClub + RT 2 win DETAILS: #
  • RT @LendingClub Twitter Contest: 2 weeks of blissful giveaways! Follow @LendingClub + RT to win. Details: #
  • Check out my guest post, "Don't Be Tempted By The Glitter of Gold" on @Doughroller #
  • USAA just opened up eligibility to more veterans. If you qualify, I highly recommend such a great company! #
  • RT @FiscalFizzle: What's Sizzling? – November 7th Edition I made the list! #
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