Weekly Roundup: Great Personal Finance Articles and Blog Carnivals This Week

by Hank Coleman

Here are some of the great blog postings around the personal finance blog world that I have really enjoyed reading this past week or so. Be sure to check out these great articles.

Notable articles from my RSS reader:

Breaking Down The Budget By Percentages – J over at BugetsAreSexy read a great article in a magazine, and we all benefit!  How much of your budget is dedicated to your mortgage or rent payment? Are you in the 35% rule of thumb? J takes a hard look at his spending and so should you.  This is a great eye opener!

The Business of Reality ShowsI have to admit that I am a sucker for reality television.  I like watching all of those crazy people complain about their lives.  The Weakonomics has a great post dissecting why they are so profitable to TV studios.

Five Ways That Inertia Costs You Thousands – Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. That’s the rule, and the same can be said about our finances as well. Patrick at CashMoneyLife spells it out and then gives you five tips on breaking that hold inertia has on us.

Ten Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid – Times are tough and more Americans than ever need a job. Now is not the time to blow it with a horrible resume, and Jim at Bargaineering can help with his great tips to spruce up your resume.

Are You An Image Spender – For most of my life, I have struggled with being an image spender. I like to wear name brand clothes, etc. Money Under 30 has a great posting talking about the pitfalls of being an image conscience spender and ways to combat it.

How To Save Money On Pet Care – Very soon, I am going to need to sit down and tell you about our family’s goldfish debacle. My oldest son was given fish as a gift, and the short lifespan fish are definitely a gift that keeps on giving…and costing! Five Cent Nickel shares some great ideas on saving money on pet care costs.

Blog Carnivals:

The Best of Money Carnival #25 – Hosted by Manging Money God’s Way (My frist post that made it in this exclusive carnival!)

Carnival of Twenty-Something Finances – Hosted by The Amateur Financier

Carnival of Money Hackers Hosted By Gather Little By Little

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