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by Hank Coleman

This is a blog about investing, personal finance, and all things money. Like I have said before, I am a money and investing junkie. There is not a single thing about money and investing that I do not like talking about. But, part of money is making money, which sometimes happens on this website. The FTC has issued new guidance regarding online media and the endorsement of products.  There are three main ways that I earn income from this site.

own-the-dollar-2251. Free stuff.  I love free stuff. I love free books, free software, etc. Sometimes, people send me free things to review. I make no promises to say something good, and I could even say something negative about it if the product isn’t any good. Sometimes, I give the free stuff away, and sometimes I hang on to it.

2. Direct Advertisements.  Advertisers, Google Adsense, and the banners on the side bar of this blog are direct advertisers. Some companies, although not many, pay me to display their advertisements on the side of the blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate marketing is where the majority of bloggers make their income. They write about a product or service who in turn pays them a flat fee or percentage of each sale they generate. It is safe to say that if there is a link on my site going a place where you can buy something, it is an affiliate link and I am going to make money if you purchase the product.

I do not write paid reviews of any kind. Any review that I write is my actual opinion of the product. It is very likely however that the links from the review will pay me if you buy the product after you click on them. For instance, whenever I write a book review, I include the Amazon links to buy the book. I get a percentage of the sale if you purchase the book through Amazon after clicking on the link.

Privacy Policy: This site respects privacy of Internet Users and does not collect personally identifying information without the Internet User’s permission.

Collection of Data: This site does not collect identity or contact information from Internet Users to this website. This site may however, collect non-personally identifiable information, for example, browser type, operating system, domain name, time spent on the web site, or referring link. This is done via a “counter” by sites like Google Analytics or SiteMeter.com

This site does not sell or rent personally identifying information. This site does not disclose personally identifying information to anyone that is not authorized to do so. This site uses anonymous user data to create and report the browsing, purchasing and/or lead form completion activities of anonymous users.

This site reserves the right to release information on Internet Users if compelled to do so by proper judicial or governmental authorities. Disclosure shall be limited to only to those we are compelled to disclose to. At present, all information processing occurs in the United States.

Collection of Information by Third-Party Sites: This site contains links to other Internet websites and has no control or authority over the information submitted/collected by these third party website(s). Please refer to the respective Privacy Policy of the individual third party website(s).

100% “NO-SPAM” Guarantee

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If you have any questions about how this website makes a little money to keep it going or if you have other concerns, please feel free to e-mail me anything through the contact page of the blog.

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