Review of Upromise – How To Save and Earn Free Money For College Tuition

by Hank Coleman

Saving for the cost of college has never been easy especially with the average cost of a bachelor’s degree at public college in the US coming in at over $30,000. Another hard choice is where to invest your savings so you can have enough saved in eighteen years to be able to start paying for your children’s collegiate education.  The website Upromise helps people save for the cost of college tuition while making ordinary purchases at select retailers online and in their brick and mortar stores. This process has helped many people over the past decade afford college tuition. The company’s philosophy itself states that they believe that everyone has a right to higher education, and they provide a service to help make that happen. - Save Money for CollegeThe website’s members have a choice of either accumulating savings in their Upromise account or converting it into a 529 college savings plan which grow tax free in mutual funds for college expenses. So, where does all this money in your Upromise account actually come from?  The money is accumulated from purchases that members make at participating merchants. A percentage of each purchase made at participating retailers is given back to you in the form of the savings in your Upromise account from which you get to invest. The members earn money on a daily basis depending on what they purchase.

The website has a number of partners that include clothing stores, dining areas, grocery stores, and even drug stores. From everyday purchases to special occasions, you can save money for college tuition from just about anything you buy as long as they are a partner of Upromise. Another option for existing members is to increase their earnings when you introduce your family and friends to the program. This referral system helps increase savings by as much as doubling the amount of money returned to you to invest.

For example, there is a Food Lion right next to my house were my wife and I do our grocery shopping.  By just linking our MVP loyalty rewards card that we receive form the grocer, we earn money for our Upromise account as well.  Upromise has teamed up with the free loyalty card programs of Lowes Foods, CVS, and many others.  Join Upromise and earn up to 8% of your bill in college savings rewards when you dine out at any of over 8,000 participating restaurants.

Today, more than 8,000 restaurants and 21,000 drug stores and grocery stores are listed as partners on the website. Its availability makes it easier for members to reach them in order to accumulate more in their college funds at a faster pace. Now, members can also save more and more by just purchasing online through Upromise’s portal which links directly to the stores’ websites. You can earn between 1% and 25% of your purchase price back to invest.  Some of the online retailers that you can earn rewards from for your Upromise account include,,, Macy’s, Barnes & Nobles, and that is just naming a few of the national retailers you can earn money just by using.  With over 600 online stores covered, Upromise has made saving for your children’s college tuition a much more reachable goal.  

How To Sign Up For Upromise. All you need to do is sign up for a free Upromise account, register a credit card or grocery store card (like Food Lion’s MVP card) with Upromise, shop like you normally do, and let the earnings roll in.

Benefits of Joining Upromise:

  • Earn college savings through eligible everyday spending.
  • Learn about different ways to pay for college.
  • Receive additional discounts by shopping through the Upromise website.
  • Use Upromise to repay student loans.

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