Keep Your Medical Expenses Low With A Focus On Saving

by Hank Coleman

With medical costs constantly on the rise, it is essential for you, even if you are fully insured, to make sure you are getting the best treatment without having to spend money for tests or medications that are unnecessary or too expensive. Of course, some people believe this means that they will not receive as good of care if they choose to trim costs in this area. However, that is simply not the case. You can still pare down your medical costs by learning to be a smart shopper and receive premium treatment as well.

Therefore, do not be afraid to discuss medical expenses with your physician as fees can vary a good amount of the time. Talk your situation over with your doctor and discuss any fees which you believe are excessive. If you do not feel the costs are fair or if you cannot come to a reasonable agreement, you may have to consider choosing another doctor to take care of your medical needs.

Should you decide to change physicians, make sure that your medical records are transferred to him immediately so you do not have to repeat and pay for any tests that have recently been done. Also, remember, specialists are often more costly to use than general practitioners. If you are seeing a specialist for a health issue that can be handled by a family doctor or internist, then consider making the switch if it will be less expensive.

Choose generic drugs if you can over brand names. Usually generic medications are equal to their brand-name counterparts and effect a substantial cost savings for the patient. Ask your healthcare provider for a full explanation if he insists that you use a brand-name drug. Be sure you understand his reasoning.

Contrary to popular belief, medications should not be stored in the bathroom. For them to remain effective, they should be stowed away in a cool, dry place. Also, be certain that your doctor is aware of other medications you are currently taking to avoid any side effects that could cost you, one way or the other, later.

Be sure that any lab tests your doctor recommends are absolutely necessary and ask how they will affect the course of treatment or if they’re absolutely necessary for the treatment to proceed. When it comes to eyewear, do your research. The cost of frames and lenses vary greatly.

If you are hospitalized and the medical facility loses your test results, make sure you are not billed again for another test. Do not pay for the hospital’s error even if your insurance company is footing the bill. You will reap more savings too if you opt to gets tests done on an outpatient basis rather than checking into the hospital and having them done. Survey your hospital bill completely. Make certain you are paying for the services you’ve received and nothing extra.

There are several ways that you can keep your healthcare costs low with a little work and diligence on your part. Do not be afraid to scrutinize your medical care and then bring up anything you do not like to your care giver. Keep the above information in mind. It can benefit you so you can get the care you deserve.

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Craig February 11, 2010 at 11:56 am

Stay healthy now and when you are younger. Invest in your body and health now so you can reap the benefits when you are older the same way with savings.

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