Groupon Review – Get Cool Group Coupons In Your Area

by Hank Coleman

You have hit the right spot on for awesome activities at the fraction of the cost. With Groupon, you can have easy access to unbeatable deals delivered right to your email inbox. To date, Groupon has saved users $441,235,849 with features such as Hot Air Ballooning or vacationing in an Executive Suite worth hundreds of dollars in value, but reduced to a fraction of the price!

What Is Groupon?

Join Groupon for great coupon is an e-coupon site that offers just one day per day in a city near you. You can check out the company’s website for a list of the extensive cities their service covers. The great deals are offered to the site’s members, but the deals do not become active until enough people have agreed to buy the product or service.

Why Should I Join

So you may be asking yourself, “Why should I join Groupon?” The answer is simple: why not? The coupons that the site offers are perfect for a gift or to just use on your own, Groupon will help you save money so that you or your friends can have tons of fun near home without having to spend tons of cash. offers an easy way to get huge discounts while discovering cool activities near the city you choose. And on top of saving cash, it will also save you time by having the ability to receive all the great discounts by email. Going on vacation? Check out other cities near where you will be vacationing.

How Groupon Works…

So how does it work? Each day will feature a new experience in the city of your choice and provide you with the best deal for that day. It also works with the power of people, using collective buying, which essentially means that if you get enough people that want the same deal, the bargain begins! So, let’s say you see a daily deal that you would like to purchase. Go ahead and click on the green “buy” button on the site, and you will be asked to enter in your buying information. Although you are entering in the buying information at that time, your card will not be charged until enough people want to participate in the same deal as you, hence the group concept. Once you have enough participants, your card will be charged and you can then print off your coupon to use just like cash. So if you really want the deal, be sure to spread the news! At the same time, do not worry about your card being charged in the event there are not enough participants. The deal will not begin until it has been tipped, and until it is tipped you will not be charged. It really is as simple as that! Some of the many deals that the coupon site has offered are half price massages, half off at the Gap clothing store, Shutterfly photo books 66% off, discounts at amusement parks, half off of dinner at certain restaurants, and the list goes on and on.

Join the users who have saved over $400 million to date and still had the ability to try out awesome experiences near their city of choice. Do not hesitate and get the unbeatable bargains delivered right to your email where you can help not only yourself but others participating as well. was designed with you in mind. No worries. No hassle. Just fun!

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