Book Review – How To Make Your Car Last Forever by Tom Torbjornsen

by Hank Coleman

How To Make Your Car Last Forever book reviewLet’s face it. Cars create huge expenses. Car payments are expensive and a large part of a family’s budget. In fact, they make up the second largest purchase most couples make besides their home. But, there is a way to help you save money on the cost of owning a car. The longer you own a car is like putting a new car payment back in your pocket every month that you keep the old car on the road. And, the new book from Motorbooks and Quayside Publishing called “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” by Tom Torbjornsen can help you do just that…drive your car into the ground with easy repair tips, preventative maintenance, how to inspect your car, and when to call in the professionals.

At first, “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” looks like a car manual, but when you dig under the hood of this book, you will quickly realize that it is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, simple repairs, and what to look out for even for the least sophisticated automobile owner. Not only does the book break down sophisticated automotive components in layman’s terms such as the inner workings of the engine, transmission, drivetrains, ignition, cooling systems, and other apparatus, but the book also goes into what to look for in new and extended warranties, winterizing, several question and answer sections, and more. Tom Torbjornsen is a car repair expert, author, and radio show host who has over forty years of experience in the automobile industry. He has written extensively for sites like Edmunds, CNN, AOL, and others.

How The Book Is Broken Down

The book is broken down into three main parts: a detailed look at the separate systems of your car or truck, rules to follow to make your car last forever, and straight talk advice on topics like extended warranties and the like. “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” covers engines, transmissions, drivetrains, steering, suspensions, tires, braking, fuel systems, electrical, and cooling systems extensively. At first the amount of details about these different systems looks complicated to the untrained amateur shade tree mechanic. But, Torbjornsen quickly breaks down each part in simple, easy to understand language and thorough explanations.

What I Like About This Book

Easy car projects you can do from the bookThere are twenty-two different projects that you can do to keep your car running forever. They range all over the spectrum from replacing fuses, changing the fuel filter, to simply how to properly jack a car up on jack stands, and a lot of other great projects. While most professional car affectionados while think that this book is a tad on the unsophisticated side, all laymen and shady tree mechanics will love its huge amount of detail and no nonsense approach to keeping your car running. The book has great graphics that explain even what seems like the most complicated tasks. There are tons of questions and answers from readers and listeners to Tom Torbjornsen columns and syndicated national radio show.

Who Should Buy This Book

If you are struggling with your current car payment or if you have an older car and do not know how you are going to make a new car payment when your current car gives out on you, this book is a must read. “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” is geared towards everyday drivers that own cars but may not know a lot about their inner workings and who want to make their money go farther by keeping their car on the road longer. And, with the state of today’s economy, a book like this could not have come at a better time. Do not get sucked into the circle that you have to continue to pay off one car only to turn right around and buy a new one as soon as you get the title of your car in your hands. Budgets are tight in today’s economy, and a great way to make your stretch is to not have a car payment. Keeping your car running longer will help you keep more money directly in your pocket.

My wife and I recently paid off our car after four long years of making the normal monthly payments. While I am dying inside like most red blooded Americans to buy another new car and start making payments again, my wife is reminding me about how much money we are saving by continuing to drive our car by trying to make it last forever. Each month, we continue to put the car payments we were making to the bank into our savings account building up our emergency fund and even a car maintenance savings account as well. Every month that we can keep our old car running without having to buy a new one is keeping hundreds of dollars in our pocket, and Tom Torbjornsen’s “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” will do just that.

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