Three Easy Ways To Sell Your Broken iPod

by Hank Coleman

How to sell your broken iPodThe holiday season always makes me want to clean out my closets. Or, maybe it is my wife nagging at me to get rid of some things. I have to say that I am a gadget guy. I love gadgets, iPods, computers, laptops, DVD players, or just about anything that will plug into the wall or an internet connection. But, the problem is that I have too many things. I have four iPods. I keep buying a new one as the next generation of the Apple iPod comes out, but I also have a few that I of course do not use or that are broken. So, how do you get rid of or sell your broken iPod? Below are three ways to sell your Apple iPod.

Sell Your Broken iPod Back To Apple

As part of Apple Computer’s environmental policy, Apple is offering its customers an environmentally friendly disposal of their used and unwanted iPods. In exchange for bringing in your broken iPod, Apple gives its customers a 10% discount on the purchase of a new iPod through its any of Apple’s over one hundred US retail stores. Customers drop off an iPod, iPod mini, or an old iPod photo will receive the discount on the purchase of a new iPod that same day. This program and others initiated by Apple has led the company’s worldwide recycling programs to recycle more than 130 million pounds of electronic equipment since its inception in 1994.

Sell Your Broken iPod On started with the idea to keep broken and used iPods out of landfills. There are not too many eco-friendly or economically useful things do with a broken iPod. That is why mine has sat in my desk drawer for years. But, why throw away iPods and other electronic devices when you can get paid cash to sell them? offers a quick and simple to sell your unwanted (broken, used, and new) cell phones, smart phones, Blackberrys, iPods, Mp3 Players, iPhones, and even video game consoles with little hassle. Simply head to, input the details about your device, and receive a bid right then for your electronic gadget.

Sell Your Broken iPod On eBay

Or, you can always go the classic route of selling your broken iPod on eBay or Craigslist. This is actually the route that I took. I received higher bids for my classic 5th Generation Video iPod than on any other selling site even listing it as broken and for parts only. If you are willing to take the time to list the item, you may find that the returns to sell your broken iPod in this way to be substantially more profitable than other methods.

No matter how you sell your broken iPod, the most important thing is to get rid of it one way or another. It is not doing you any good in your desk drawer. At least this way, I have about $40 or $50 more dollars as a down payment for my next gadget. I hear that Verizon is getting the iPhone soon. I think that it is time to trade up again!

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