Five Ways To Save Time And Money While In Line At Walt Disney World Resort

by Hank Coleman

With the Christmas vacation getting closer and closer for area schools, more families will be hitting the roads. One of the most popular destinations during this time of year is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The only problem about going to Disney World this time of year is that the lines waiting for the rides will inevitably be long. But, there are a few things that you can do to save your precious time in the amusement park and a few things that you can do to distract yourself and your kids as well.

Five Ways To Save Your Time At Walt Disney World

Use The Disney FASTPASS System

Waiting in line at Space MountainMost of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World have a FASTPASS. You go up to the automatic ticket dispenser, put in your park entrance ticket, and out pops a ride ticket telling you what time to be back. There is a separate entrance to the ride, and you are whisked around the waiting crowd straight into the ride. The FASTPASS tickets are free to anyone. The only catch is that you can only get one FASTPASS ticket per hour per entrance ticket. My seven year-old son and I used our FASTPASS tickets to ride Space Mountain, but we were in trouble when he wanted to ride it a second time. We ended up waiting over an hour to ride again.

Bring A Book With You In Line

I know that it sounds old fashion, but I actually saw quite a few people in line at Walt Disney World with a book in their hands. They would just pull it out as soon as they hit the queue. It would be a great way to kill some time and get some reading done if your little ones will leave you alone while in line.

Keep The Kids Occupied With An iPad

This is the high tech version of bringing a book with you in line. I saw people in line at Walt Disney World with an Apple iPad. You can let you kids watch movies or shows while you wait, or you can read a book or read things you have saved on the iPad while you wait in line. There are quite a few things of course that you can distract yourself with while waiting in line with an iPad in your hands.

Eat In Line While You Wait

I don’t know about you, but for my family a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive and only comes around once in a blue moon. So, I don’t want to waste my time eating at the park. I could just stay home and do that. I went to Walt Disney World to ride amazing rides. So, grabbing something from a street vendor or bringing your own food in a backpack are time killers while you are waiting in line.

Use Split Operations While You Wait

One of the best things God invented was other people waiting in line for you. It was great having grandparents at Walt Disney World. They wanted to spend time with the grandkids, but they didn’t want to actually ride the rides. The grandparents actually didn’t mind waiting in line because they got to talk and interact with the grandchildren which is what they wanted all along. So, my wife and I took advantage of this by doing things that we wanted to do or needed to do while others waited for us.

What about you? Have you found some ways to save yourself from waiting in long lines? How do you kill the time?

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