Carnival of Credit Score and Debt – First Edition

by Hank Coleman

Welcome to the very first edition of the Carnival of Credit Score and Debt which was created by the folks over at the Credit Score Blog. I appreciate them letting me host the first edition and for everyone who contributed. it was a great list of credit and debt articles from around the internet and blogs this past week. The Carnival of Credit Score & Debt is a weekly showcase of the best blog articles on the topic of credit scores, credit reports, credit cards, loans, consumer debt, bankruptcy, and other credit related topics. Be sure to look for the Carnival of Credit Score & Debt every Monday. Thanks again for all who participated and made this such a great success.

Editor’s Choice – Three of the Best!

Editor's Pick - Carnival of Credit Score & DebtPeter presents Should You Pay Off Debt Or Save For Retirement? posted at Bible Money Matters, saying, “Should you pay off your debts, or should retirement be the first priority?”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Get Approved For A Prime Credit Card posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Tips for getting approved for a standard credit card.”

Credit Cards

PT presents What Happens When You Stop Using Your Credit Cards? posted at PT Money.

Flexo presents Chase Ink Cash? Business $100 Bonus Cash Back Review posted at Consumerism Commentary.

Michael presents Best Small Business Credit Cards posted at The Dough Roller.

Robert Alan presents Will Keeping Unused Credit Cards Open Actually Hurt My Credit Score? posted at Credit Card Assist, saying, “A summary of how keeping credit cards open can actually hurt your credit score more than people realize.”

Robert Alan presents Top 7 Destroying Your Credit Card Videos posted at Credit Card Assist, saying, “A great summary of all the best credit card destruction videos. Very funny stuff!”

Judy Blackburn presents Start Eliminating Credit Card Debt posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, “Getting rid of credit card debt can be accomplished without filing bankruptcy with the right guidance.”

Lyn Harris presents No Income, No Credit posted at Lyn’s Circle: Chronicles of a Married Feminist.

CreditCardGuru presents Minimum Credit Score Needed For American Express? posted at credit card forum [the blog], saying, “Will you qualify for an American Express card? Based on consumer feedback, here are minimum credit score estimates for some of their most popular cards.”

Jeff Weber presents Tips For Paying Off A Balance Transfer Before Your 0% APR Ends posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, “When managing credit card debt with balance transfers, it is vitally important to develop a plan that will get you out of debt before the interest rate increases.”

Credit Reports

mmresources presents How to Read a Credit Report posted at My Free Credit Report, saying, “How to read a credit report, an easy step by step look at reading and understanding your credit report.”

Credit Scores

MoneyThinking presents Credit Check: Hard Pulls vs. Soft Pulls posted at Money Thinking.


pfblogger presents Money Story: The Finger of Blame? posted at Personal Cents.

Moneywalks presents Credit Card Tips for Dimming your Debt posted at moneywalks.

Mr. Cents presents Time is Money! posted at Personal Cents.

Jonathan presents Getting out of Debt: How to Manage and Pay Off Your Debt the Fiscally Fearless Way posted at Fiscally Fearless, saying, “This article discusses methods for debt repayment and how the author was personally able to pay off all of his consumer debt.”

Mr. Money Smarts presents 30 Things Broke People Say (That Keep The Broke) posted at Smart On Money, saying, “Most of us know someone who is broke, and sometimes the things they say and believe just don’t jive with reality. Here are some of the excuses, rationalizations and downright silly things broke people say.”

Charles Chua C K presents Effective Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt posted at All About Living with Life.

CPF presents How to Talk to Your Spouse about Debt and Money posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “Change your financial situation by learning how to talk with your spouse about changing your money habits.”

Consumer Debt

Steve presents Repeat Payday Loans – Why they Eventually Become Predators | Debt Consolidation 2U posted at Debt Consolidation 2U.

Craig Charles presents How To Be Frugal: Frugal Car Shopping Tips posted at All Things Frugal, saying, “Shopping for a car can be an anxiety-inducing experience. It’s a major expense and a purchase most people usually only make once every handful of years.”

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the very first edition of the Carnival of Credit Score and Debt. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Credit Score and Debt by using our carnival submission form. For a look at future and past hosts of the carnival, check out the Carnival of Credit Score and Debt’s Home Page on

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Peter January 31, 2011 at 10:39 am

Thanks for choosing me as an editor’s pick!

John January 31, 2011 at 10:53 am

That’s awesome that there is a new blog carnival out there about debt and credit.

Robert January 31, 2011 at 10:55 am

These are some great articles about debt and credit. I can’t wait to see next week’s carnival. Thanks!

Peter January 31, 2011 at 11:28 am

Thanks for the editor’s pick, and congrats on the new carnival!

Charles Chua C K January 31, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Thanks for the acceptance of my article.

The Digerati Life February 2, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Thank you for hosting a new carnival! Thanks for the great job and the honor of an editor’s pick!

Philip February 4, 2011 at 11:52 am

Nice work, Hank. Keep it up.

Steve Sildon February 8, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Thanks for the mention Hank. Congrats on a carnival well done.

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