Track Your Net Worth To Stay On Track Financially

March 9, 2011

?Almost half of all Americans do not know what their net worth is. They have not bothered calculating it, do not see the benefit of it, and many do not even know how to make the calculations. Understanding how to calculate your net worth, how much you have in assets, and how much money is […]

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How Your Credit Card Can Save You When You Least Expect It

March 8, 2011

This is a guest post from Ally who works and writes for homeloanfinder, a free home loan service in Australia. With all the negative press that credit cards have been getting, people have tried their best to stay away from it as much as they can. But getting a credit card is one of the […]

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Use A Self-Directed IRA To Take Control Of Your Investments

March 7, 2011

Many investors do not realize that they can have complete control over the investments in their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Through a self-directed IRA, investors can decide what types of investments they want to hold in their retirement accounts. Self-directed IRAs can be constructed in the traditional or Roth IRA versions depending on an investor’s […]

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The 5th Edition Of The Carnival Of Credit Score And Debt

February 28, 2011

Welcome to the 5th Edition of the Carnival Of Credit Score And Debt which is a blog carnival that focuses solely on debt, credit scores, credit reports, and other credit topics. Editor’s Choice PT presents Is It Always Good to Pay Off Your Car Loan Early? posted at Prime Time Money, saying, “A look at […]

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What Foursquare Has Taught Me About My Budget

February 26, 2011

I have a confession to make. I love checking in to venues through Foursquare. I love earning badges and trying to become the mayor of places around town. I want to earn more badges and more mayorships than my friends. But, I have learned something by my new obsession with Foursquare. My family and I […]

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Three Reasons You Should Not Watch Financial Television Shows

February 21, 2011

Let me state right up front that I have nothing against CNBC, Bloomberg, or any other financial television shows or stations. They provide a great service to a segment of the TV viewing populous. But, for the average investor, there are really no good compelling reasons to watch CNBC or any other financial television shows. […]

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