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  MS Excel

Net Worth Calculator – An excellent calculator developed by Praxis Templates that will give you a snapshot of your current financial situation.

401-k Calculator – An great calculator developed by Praxis Templates that will help you estimate your retirement plan’s value over the long term. Input your assumptions and see how your results change.

Family Budgeting Template – A budgeting tool developed by Praxis Templates that will help you create a monthly written budget.

Net Worth Calculations – Knowing your net worth will help you manage your personal finances.

Investing Your Bonus – Shows you how quickly your bonus will grow if invested.

Maxing Out Your Roth IRA – How much you can expect to earn using a Roth IRA vs Mutual Fund or 401-k.

Make Your Child A Multi-Millionaire – See how much funding a Roth for your kid will earn them.

529 College Savings Plans – 529s will beat mutual funds with the tax benefits.

30 vs. 15 Year Mortgages – The differences between the two mortgages (Coming Soon).

Pay One Extra Mortgage Payment – How things would change if you paid one extra payment per year (Coming Soon).

  MS PowerPoint

(Coming Soon)

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